Spiders, Diving Boards, and Fear

In His Chrysalis

high dive

          I can still remember sitting on the couch, Mom sitting next to me, trying to comfort my teary soul.

                It was the summer of my eleventh birthday, and, as usual for summer, I was taking swimming lessons.  In class that day, we had been given the chance to jump off the high-dive, and the rumor was that we were going to be forced to jump the next day.  I hadn’t gotten a chance to jump today, and now I was super-scared of jumping tomorrow.  Now, this wasn’t any normal fifteen feet higher than the surface of the water high dive board, like you usually see.  This was like one of those Olympic high dives where you had enough space for at least four or six Goliath-sized giants to stand on each other’s shoulders between the tip of the dive board and the surface of…

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